Spatial Discussions for your Community

A Docker-based spatial discourse ecosystem to support community engagement and public participation for landscape and urban planning projects.



We’re a group of enthusiasts from landscape and urban planning, data science and system engineering, who work on open collaboration and spatial knowledge discovery tools for application to the fields of public planning and citizen science. is a staging area for demonstration of our tools such as thePlink-docker, an integrated spatial discourse ecosystem made for self-hosting. The P in thePlink may refer to Planning, Projects, People, or Participation; or Personal & Public Values, Perspectives; or Perception.


  • Entirely build using open source software
  • Ready-made docker containers for self-hosting, local knowledge stays local
  • Spatial Discussions for your community based on Discourse
  • Progressive Web App with Vue.js Frontend and Mapbox GL JS
  • Privacy-by-Design: Data Abstraction using HyperLogLog
  • Map Interface binds to project area, ability to add sub-projects and additional spatial information
  • Scales easily: based on fastapi and


Latest Post

Feb 10, 2020

RCN Seed Project “Mapping The Geospatial Image Of Waynesboro” Launches “Theplink” Prototype For Waynesboro

“Mapping the Geospatial Images of Waynesboro” is an applied research project which aims to use analytical and mapping techniques to unearth the potentials of Location Based Networks (LBSNs) by extracting critical information for community design and planning in Waynesboro, VA. “theplink” is an app template for Waynesboro which exhibits further development and future collaboration. “theplink” refers to the missing link between Planning, Projects and People, as well as Personal & Public Values. Read more



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